Saturday, September 10, 2005

Vacuum cleaner..

Eat and eat and eat and eat! Besides eating I'm still eating!! Non-stop eating! OMG!! Since I took my lunch, instant tomyam noodle at 2pm. Though it was without extra tomyam, lime and chili padi, still tasty! My mouth never stop chewing! I've finished the whole pack of Crispy! There are 15 small packs. Between I had some biscuits and snacks.. Only 3 hours time.. GOD!! How i'm gonna reduce my weight??????
Jinn went to MP with her friends d. Aiyer.. I've asked her to buy me a big pack of Crispy ler. No no no.. hafta sms her n cancel that! Actually whatever chocolate I also can accept but I don't know whick choc should I buy ler.. whatever.. I wanna cancel that..
I was thinking whether wanna take 2 packs of instant fried noodle or not.. ha, ha.. Or mayb tomyam lor.. Today I didn't spend a single cents.. Oo.. went to withdrar just now. Thanks a lot ya CK.. But I failed to pay de fees, de bank closed d so I have to pay it on Monday.. Spent a lot for my meal yesterday, hafta control these few days. Though I'm not spending money but I think those value of grocories that I've eaten is much more than my usual single meal.. How yer? Like a dustbin~!!
No way! I wanna keep fit! Before I go back to bw.. hope that they'll notice my changes.. hihi.. Morever I got a deal with many ppl.. Alex, Alfred etc.. Zuyi? Perhaps.. hehe..And also Tammy.. She wanna gain her weight while constantly I wanna reduce mine.. Tamm.. Remember our dealing k. Let's strive for our dreams~

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