Saturday, September 10, 2005


After de Human class today, I asked Mdm. Masyita about de counseling stuffs. She's one of the counselors. While talking with her I feel that I'm not afraid to tell her if I need her one day. She answered me like not feeling curious or what.. Just feel that that's normal for someone to look for counseling. I think if it's last time at high sch, those un-pro teacher will feel curious on what happened to u... freak!
She asked me to go to de room that opposite her office and find out de timetable. Even I wanna find a counselor that don't know me. It's my choice... Hmm... So far I think I'm alright and I still can handle it. If it's days before... Ha, ha.. I think I would find her..
not bad for today but not in an exited or special mood. Ofcourse lar, din go anywhere..~ But my purpose to begin this post is bcz suddenly moody.. A bit moody.. I switched off de light and lied on my bed. Suddenly felt like...? For short is called moody lar.. Then decided to write down something here..
It's kinda late now.. Have to sit for my test tomorrow. chaoz..~
Night shella..


Anonymous said...

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shy said...

exam today ? all d best girl..