Sunday, September 11, 2005


Sometimes, it's good to admit that. Yea.. I'm still care 'bout him. But de feeling is no longer that strong anymore. Cause I know that it's impossible for both of us and I'm laying down. Perhaps I've adapted de feelings or my condition. God knows..
Finally took my Maths Test 2 but still have de most important part.. Final Exam~
Oh yea, Our group is de first group for de English speaking test and presentation. It is on Monday 12p.m... Not that nervours actually. Maybe it's done with a group..
Gotta arrange my studies schedule properly although I never have one cz i know I won't follow it.. Hihi.. Well just set it in my mind.
I'm more and more interesting in Human Development. Argh.. That day I skipped de replacement and you know? They discuss bout ~love~.. Ha, Ha!! All of them- Fyz, Shyuba, Syafiq... Kept telling me bout that.. I should go that day!!
had fried rice just now. The fried rice that I wanted to buy was not there today and I bought another one. Same, 3 bucks but NOT NICE!! Wasted my 3 bucks~
Alright, think I gotta stop here~ Wanna do my studies lor... Human Development...
Wish all of my friends, either who's going to sit for their exam or not.. wish that Good Lucks will always revolve around you~

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shy said...

got something to say ? whats that ? yar.its good to true to urself and others , right ?