Saturday, September 10, 2005

Test-> Test-> Final Exam...

Tommorow is my maths's test 2. Not yet well prepared.. sigh.. The coming week is English speaking test.. Argh.. Hafta present again... My final is coming but I haven't study a single subject yet!! Oh my God!!
Oh yea.. I haven't pay for my tuition fees yet. He asked me to use my acc's 1st.. God! It just left 200++ cz I withdrew 150 yesterday but that I wanted to claim from.. whatever lar.. Have to claim.. I got no more idea. Sms-ed Kheng and asked him to do me a favor. He promised d. Now m still waiting for him to bank in. Sigh.. SO pity...
Think that I'm not able to post up my diary that often nowadays.. Wanna do my revision d.. C ya around~
Good luck o~

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