Friday, September 09, 2005

A better day really comes tomorrow~

Hmm.. Let me recall.. I think today I didn't have any bad mood or feeling moody... That's so good.. ermm.. is that really good? I don't know. But today I really in a nice mood..
Went to Jusco with Put and Fyz after class. Nope actually, waited Put to done her stuffs.. Went there bout 2p.m.. Hmm.. Bought a lot of things ler..
Once we arrived there, the first thing we did was EAT!! Damn hungry man! I had nasi goreng kampung again.. Yummy~
I'm so happy and glad that I didn't buy things that other from what I need.. :p
Bought some stuffs from popular, Guardian- cotton which saw it with Tamm that time and.. Finally I bought my rack!! And a small storage box. Everything was out of my expectation, I thought it'll costly but it is not.
Feel so embarrased cz looked like they were just accompany me to buy my stuffs.. Ha, ha.. who knows.. we chilled at Coffee Bean.. So happy.. Jinn asked me to buy her a rack also.. It's kinda heavy but I don't mind~
Today really spent a lot. I mean only for my meal.. Just hanged out with Put n Eddie at burger stall there..
I like my room.. Looks so sufficient.. So tidy indeed!! Now I wanna take some pic from my house and put it in my room.. With my family.. with my friends~~ so nice.. Perhaps I might take some new pics.. Long time didn't take pics besides snapping by hp..
Was doing my maths downstair with Put n Eddie before we went to burger.. Feelling not that bad wut.. Mayb bcz of my mood..
Sometimes I feel that I'm more enjoyable while with Put them.. Really..
hmm.. how to say? it's difficult to describ my feeling.. I'm feeling better today.. really.. much better...

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