Thursday, September 22, 2005

thanks a lot..

Went down to EP park there at about 3 something yesterday. Midnight. Me, Jinn and San. Jinn suggested to go down since she saw me not that well.. They just consulted me. Thanks ya Jinn and AhSan... After that we were crapping and went up at 6, in de morning~
Woke up at 12 something and went to de library with Jinn. I don't think I did much revision for today. I went ther and found that I've forgotten my text book! damn it.. what to do? walked back to EP lor.. Oh yea, library was full of students... Final is coming wut.. It was hard to find a seat. I sms-ed Masyitah and see whether she's available to see me on that time. I went there and talked to her almost 2 hours.. Perhaps it doesn't solve much but I really do listen to her advice. 'Try to treat yourself good'. 'Try to think that you're special to everyone'. 'When you're in problem, try not to focus only on that thing. Just try to focus on other things...'.. That was true, I have to focus on other thing ain't I? Released after seeing her.. Thanks a lot mdm...
I went to pasar malam with them. That was the first time I'm willing and passionate on that.. Everytime is just like someone else wana go and if I feel like going, then I'll go with them. But this time,..hmm.. well at first Jinn said wanna bring me to shopping, I thought she wants to say 'Uptown', the minimart down EP, but it was pasar malam. Without anyone's mention and I asked them to go.. Ha.. weird... Ate a lot of things but didn't feel like wanna vomit.. That's good news isn't it? I had chee cheong fun, rojak, char koay teow, dim sum..
Actually I thought de emotion was comtrolling me.. No.. Masyitah told me that actually we're always in control on our emotion.. That's right.. I have to be happy.. We're and we'll face happy and sorrow right? That's life.. Life is always wonderful. She asked me not to think about de negative way. have to think positively.. It's hard I know.. Cause sometimes you rather think negatively so that you wont get that hurt when it really brings you down.. But.. I know.. sometimes I wanted something to be good in my mind but I deny it, I'm afraid of been hurt that's why I was telling myself that it's imposible that good will come to me... Friend, I know you used to be like that always isn't it..? Try your best to away from thinking that k? I know it's hard, it's tough. But we have to work harder to make ourself happy, don't you agree with that?

Finally, chatted with my crush just now.. Wahahaa... Anything lar... Never think that much.. I know lar...Oops.. think negatively again.. Hmm.. But this is really impossible wut...

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