Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well, Jinn's msg through msn woke me up. I have to register my courses for sem 2. I was panic at first but then I did it. While taken my lunch, I swept de floor.. Sweeping and sweeping.. I found de area near dustbins there quite dirty... Oh my God!!! There are.. 4 or 5 dustbins there.. No one wants to throw de plastic bags which is fulled of rubbish!! Everytime is Jinn them do that but not oftenly also..
Shit!!! My face now still in frightened.. I really couldn't imagine that.. Standing there, like frozen! Then I packed up 2 packs of rubbish, put it out of my door.. Maybe I'll ask Thing to throw it with me.. Really don't know how to say yvonne.. She's damn offensive! selfish or what I dont know lar.. she's stupid!!
And I found something really freaking! I don't know what kind of insect was that.. like worm? not worm? white in colour.. a lil bit transparenced.. wriggler along de dustbin... My God! my hair all stood up! Freak! freakin insects!! And de tiny, black flying insects.. That one you'll see while you keep de rubbish for days.. I just left the only pack there, which is with those stupid-freaking-unknown insects!!.. I'll ask for Thing's help I think.. Help me please!! Can't they just keep it clean?? My Godness!! FUck!!! Damn tulan already!!!

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