Saturday, September 17, 2005

In danger..

Damn.. Promised Syafiq to join them dinner but I overslept.. Eventually I went there also lar, had nasi lemak.. Today spent for lunch and dinner... These few days spent a lot ler.. Somemore 'sweets'...
I nearly knock down by a car when I crossed de road. If it didn't avoid me, then I'll get bang for sure.. And if de opposite road got cars, there'll be an accident! Hehe.. What if it really bang me?
Was in a bad condition just now. I've sent a mail to Masyitah, telling her that probably I won't see her on Monday for de counseling. Then I told her a lil bit my prob.. Hope will get her reply..
This time I don't even how to let her know, how to tell her.. When she called me, I was still thinking that whether wanna pick up her call or not.. I did pick up at last..
I tried to cut it, it just a bit swelling at first but didn't bleed. I got no courageous.. Ha, ha! Bored till nothing to do besides keep myself in de room and strolling out alone like a dead person..
Actually, can I considered it as forcing myself to let go? Perhaps it is.. But forcing to let it go doesn't mean that I won't reach it right? Really hope that I'll let go.. why? hehe.. I don't know.. :)

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