Saturday, September 17, 2005


Firstly I would like to wish Loon happy 19th birthday and sorry 'bout couldn't back to celebrate with you.. This fellow really confused me! I really think of wanna go back today man! Because of his invitation and..~foOds~..
He called me at 4 something yesterday. We had a long arguement 'bout whether going back or not! Really feel sorry to him cause he really asking me till like begging... I really wanna go back if I'm not facing financial problem.. Then we wanna make a deal, if I go back, he treats me.. treats me..what ?? 32.. something like that lar.. He said it's a very expensive restaurant.. Damn funny man! I'm invited somemore asked for so many things..
I really think properly after that. If I go back, I can bring along my calculator.. But this is not the right time, I've enough money to get a cab and yet not enough to arrive butterworth..
Frankly, besides feeling sorry to him I feel glad to myself. I'm naive no more this time and made a decision after think properly.. Not as before, just do what I like and what I wished to.. Yesterday I was thinking, if I go back, I can't follow my plan. Then, I've to spend money for that. Moreover, it's a bit rushing, I don't like that.. The only reason makes me wanna back was only his invitation.. Then I decided not to back..
So sorry Loon... Have a happy and enjoyable birthday yea...

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