Friday, September 16, 2005


This time I didn't think of it purposely. When I saw the shirt, I was like seeing his body.. It was bout 12a.m.. I went down EP alone. Many people were around there tonight, think there were celebrating mooncake festival. Whatever..
Jiun Horng saw I was.. .. there.. He found I got some prob. and at first I din wish to tell him cause I knew he wouldn't understand. But then he told me 'bout his prob.. Well, I was just slightly told him a lil bit.. We hanged out there almost 3 hours..and we were drinking besides de drain..
Feeling better while someone there at least I won't think that much.
I know I'm letting go. I truly know.. I can feel that..
You know, thing that always support me to stay tough is what Simpson's advice. His only word- You have to let go! You must let go... This is de thing that keeps me up..
Feeling better now.. I have to be tough... I have to...

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