Friday, September 16, 2005


Jinn them went back to Klang d. I'm alone in my room now. Yesterday was kinda moody but feeling better after hanged out with Jinn them. Jinn said I got imbalanced hormone cause sometimes she might facing the same prob. Well, hope so... Sumay and Ash went back while San, Jinn and I went to mamak. No doubt, I digged it out when I got home.
I slept less than 10 hours these 2 days.. So drowsy now.. But if I get on my bed now, what if I wake up at 12 something? I'll die cause I will not able to sleep till de dawn!
Argh.. nearly get lunch with Jin.. Ha, ha.. Oh.. what am I thinking about huh? I don't know. Yesterday I told them I wanna go after Jin. I couldn't imagine that these few words came out from my mouth.. Not impossible to think of that, just I couldn't believe that I can tell them(this gang of friends) this kind of things that even myself also don't know!
While I was glancing Jinn's MSN with her notebook just not, I saw G.. He was on de line but was in busy's status. Perhaps he was playing game. I was like frozen at there and my mind was blank.. Luckily it's still early and I awoke in a while.. Ha, ha......
My final is getting near... But I haven't prepare anything yet.. How I'm gonna prove to them?

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