Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm afraid being alone now. Not I wanna think of something or being moody but I just can't control my emotion. If you let me do my homeworks silently about 10 minutes., my mood will be like controlled by the gravity, falls down and down and down... It's easier to get down but it's hard to go up again..
I'm really a melancholic and facing tons of stress.. Jinn gave me a test just now.. I didn't know what was that about and just simply gave her what I've seen.. And the result is, I get pressure... Heck!
I didn't get my dinner but just a pack of biscuit. Well, I had actually, nasi lemak at 5 something.. But then I had instant noodle not long ago.. I was gobbling de noodle and drank de whole bottle of water.. I'm freak.. I can get fulled if you give me a cup or two water, plain water! I drank whole bottle man! And finished all de noodle.. Then.. vomitted out. AGAIN.. Drinking a lot of water made me difficult to vomit.. I was in de toilet about half an hour..
I dare to face the fact now,..think so... But seems like couldn't get out from something else yet.. I don't know what is that.. I need cure..

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