Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Yesterday was too tired so unable to post up anything. Slept at 4 something. Damn, was helping yb that fellow on his assignment.. What de heck.. I think he got his own glamor.. Sometime u'll never decline what he has asked to do... Ha.. He had asked me to do it days ago but I just did it properly yesterday.. He was quite nervous that time cz it's due date is today..
Think I really have to save my money from now begin. We went Heritage again yesterday. At first I didin't wanna eat but after Jinn came back we went together with Ash n San. I've spent 11.50 there and returned Jinn 4 bucks.. I had a sweet n' sour fish rice then after that shared spaghetti with one of them. Maybe it took more than an hour after that, I was facing difficultities to vomit them out.. Damn.. facing bulimia now.. After vomitted, hanged out at mamak stall with Kiat and Jinn.. ha! sweets' wasted my money again~ I just left 6 bucks man! Only 3 days, my 50 becomes 6 bucks.. No no.. now it just left 5 bucks cz while on de way back from class at 5, bought nasi lemak..1 buck only wut..
Arh.. I think I get cold d.. Keep sneezing.. When at class just now I'd feel cold even I was wearing long sleeves... Skipped from this morning class which is at 10. Maybe recently got few classes canceled and feel like lazy to go for other classes.. Tomorrow morning's acc I won't absent lar.. tutorial is finished since 2 weeks ago.. Hmm.. Just go for econ. class at 2p.m...
Alright.. Gotta stop here.. Hafta copy de HD notes and finish my maths..

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