Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Love ya mOmmy~

I was on my bed actually. Feel so guilt. The final is coming soon but I was watching Full House. Chatted with Alex just now. He told me that mum keeps de branded mooncakes for me. 'See, she treats you so nice.', he said that. I'm so touched till I couldn't control my tear especially at this single-lonely night.. I asked mum to keep some mooncakes for me so that I can taste it when I'm back. And she did.
I wanted to post it up tomorrow morning but de line keep appearing on my mind. It seems like already branded in my heart. So happy to hear that Shelvon does her homework everyday and there's a huge improvement on her. I wanna treat my mum very well, I promise. I don't hope there's any arguement between me and mummy.. Anything, just endure.. It'll be fine after that.. Try to communicate with them..Please, let it be peace but full of happiness~ Not only mummy, Shelvon and every of my family members..
Alex wants me to study well. I'm guilty.. I didn't do it properly as de final is coming soon.. I don't wanna disappointed him and I told him that I got 42++ over 50 for my maths' coursework..
Got my maths Test 2 result. Though it's only 7 marks away from full marks but I'm not that satisfied. What to do? My topic 2 not that good.. There is someone scored full marks..
Mum, Alex, I promise, I'll and I wanna do well in my exam. This is true...
Shella.. This time you must done what you've promised! Don't you wanna prove it to them? Not only to your family but all of them..
This is my commitment.

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