Thursday, September 08, 2005


I was boiling water. Came in to my room, took out de biscuits and a pack of cereal. When I poured water into my cup which is with de cereal powder, found that that's weird lar.. Oh my God.. FREAK!!!! Someone used de socket to boil water before my water boiled!! F**k off!! I brought my cereal and asked who is boiling water.. No answer and Jinn said that was not her. Fine!!! When I poured out de drinks.. oh.. tears really wanna fall down d.. my drinks.. wasted!! I drink cereal cz wanna save money but now? Whoa!! that time I was really HOT!!
Simpson said I might have some arguement with my housemate. Yea, this thing can control but please don't force me to achieve what he said!!
Jinn gave me half of bottle of soya bean that Ash gave it to her.. whatever.. She went to de library d.. Oh.. took a pack of biscuit from her.. sigh!
But now recall it, I'm not that angry anymore.. Sms-ing with Pk. At first I said he won't understand me cz we're in de different condition. But think back, that was just a small matter.. Yea.. Fine lar! forget bout it lar.. But I don't know what I'll do if it happen again...

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