Thursday, September 08, 2005


I used to love you so much.. But you broken my heart. It breaks into pieces till I don't know how to join it back. I'm tired. Tired on thinking of you, tired on blaming you, tired on crying because of you. I'm more and more away from the hope and expectation. Meaning that I'm on my way to give up, to lay you down...
Still struggling on my disicion this is because I'm still care 'bout you. When I think of you, seems like uncountable knifes are piercing my heart but this feeling is better then before. Could it be say that I've accustomed the pain? My emotion when think of it is much better then before.
If not Simpson's advice that wanted me to lay you down, perhaps I might still think that I have to strive for my love. Sometimes I'm just making myself blind and not to know other cruel facts. I know, I know what if when a guy doesn't love you anymore.. But love makes us blind isn't it?
With Simpson's advice, I decided to let you go. Well, hope that what Simpson adviced me will come true..
And finally, I found something.. That really broken my heart once again but I know I cannot do anything already.. This kind of pain will just keep in my heart...

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