Thursday, September 29, 2005


whOa~ Finally finished my HD paper. Luckily I did my revision yesterday cause today woke up late.. ha, kinda glad.. I was fed up waiting for Fyz just now. My venue was at CITS Lab, it's opposite de Exam Hall. We decided to go together but I've been waiting for her quite a moment. I ended up with went there with Jinn and Boy(Ewen) them since I met them down EP there. That day Boy said wanna go Jusco for sushi after HD paper. Gosh.. My pants are getting tide cause my figure is enlarging.. He asked me to wait for them in front of the library after de exam cause their vanue is in de main hall. I came out earlier cause I don't know how to spend another hour in de lab.. I'm in de library right now.. Doing nothing besides blogging..
Hurray~ I just left another paper, Accounting.. I got a week to do my revision, hopefully I'll pay my attention on this subject... I'm worried about my maths lar.. Thought that I can do it well, I did a lot of careless mistakes.. Eveytime also like that, perhaps I had underestimated those questions.. sigh.. Careless brings me to de death~

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