Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eternal memories...

I've been lying on my bed since 3a.m. until now. Still couldn't figure out de reason why.. I'm not thinking about others.. Hum.. Finished my HD guideline before I went on bed just now.. Erm.. Almost finish.. Just left few things that I don't understand.. Before that I went down EP there to meet J.Horng since he's going back tomorrow. We talked 'bout de life in high school.. I really miss de life of high school but I know it wouldn't replay anymore.. So sad.. Remembering how we got to school.. Louie fetched us- me, Summer, Cyn and sometimes shy... We almost skipped every class during SPM was nearby.. Argh.. Don’t know which way to say and don't know how to describe my feeling now..Did the same thing at de same time every morning with de same speed during school time.. Though I'm not that interested in studies but de only motivation to school is my friends.. I enjoyed de life in my class during F3 but I love my friends which I joined with them most of de time during F4 and F5.. Argh.. I really don't know how to say that.. kinda excited.. Ha, ha.. Can't wait to share these memories with my friends them.. Don't know why, every time when we talk about this topic, sure everyone will get excited.. Yea.. I really miss de every precious moment we spent.. It's eternal.. Viva friendship~

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