Thursday, September 29, 2005

as usual..

Weird, though there's just only a paper to go, but didn't feel ny excitement today after my HD paper.. Just normal. I was with Jinn n Choon Hoong at Ep park there. Thing and her friends came cz another friend's birthday. Feel that I really can control my temper d. A girl, I don't know her at all. She is talketive but I don't care, at all! Then u know, she said something that made me feel like she was shooting at me.. Fucked off lar! She better shut up her mouth and don't ever let me see her again.. I told Jinn after that and she feels that also.
Jinn asked me to go to zoo together tomorrow with Boy and Epin.. I'm normal with that.. After that Thing and Vivian are joining, if it's already full, I can quit. I'm normal. Since Jinn keeps asking me to go.. Ha.. Ash doesn't want to go.. Hmm.. Feel like I have to enjoy that.. Though zOo is smelly, probably.. But.. Is so nice taking pictures there.. Whatever lar.. Just go with her la.. Somemore Boy is there.. Sure funny for de trip..
Have to wake up early tomorrow.. Now is kinda late d.. My eye bag is getting worse...
Oh yea, feel so happy and warmth with Jinn's testi and I dropped her another one.. Ha, ha...
Hmm.. my Alano is finished d I think.. Don't think so much for now.. Night~

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