Friday, September 30, 2005


Went to zoo with them this morning. It was not that bad actually though it spent me 7 bucks for de entrance. We went to McD after that. I ordered a set of McChicken. That stupid fellow, Boy couldn't finish his McDeluxe bcz it's spicy... Then I finished that.. I ate 2 BURGERs man!! I thought I only had 1 and a half but he said he only took a bite..? I was damn full.. We went to MP for a movie after that. O.. before went there we went back Ep cz me and Jinn wanted to changed and Epin had to fetch another freind. I love this movie, 'Deep Into the Blue'.. Jessica Alba damn hot.. I dislike her when she was in Fantastic 4.. But she's kinda attractive in Deep Into the Blue. And that main actor.. Has a sexy body shape.. Hanged at MP till 7 I think.. I don't while my mood is falling when on de way back to EP.. Till now.. Is getting down.. At first I just kept quite, they asked question I still can give them a smile but now.. I can't.. Even just now when I came into my room after my shower, I heard de songs.. Feel like wanna cry ler.. Perhaps not sadness, just.. maybe too tired.. too confused...
Actually I was quite enjoy while at MP, but Jinn seems like.. Just like that only.. A bit spoilt my mood.. Whatever lar.. I'm really very tired now... Hopefully I can sleep early tonight..

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