Wednesday, September 14, 2005

gastralgia? indigestion?

I expected that I wouldn't spend anything today. Accompanied Jinn to Heritage cause she wanted to eat something. Feel happy cause finally she wanted to eat something. Not something.. a LOT!
She ordered Fish n Chip, Chicken Chop, Mushroom soup. I had black pepper chicken rice. Before that I had my dinner d. It's kinda full man! When I came back I knew I'll vomit cause my stomach really not feeling well. I digged my throat. Damn.. Vomitted a lot.. Then my stomach feeling worst till now..
Oh my God.. She's horrible.. Finally she beat me down.. I found someone, girl can eat a lot than me..Ha, ha, ha..
Bought 2 Cds just now.. ah... Mummy.. I'm out of pocket money dee lar... Owing Jinn 10 bucks, Put 2.50.. I got not enough money ler.. cz I just have 12.30... Panic now.. how could I survive? thought I still can live for 5-7 days... Now??
Got no more energy.. sigh...

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shy said... n chip + cj\hicken chop ? true bo ? horrible man