Thursday, September 15, 2005


Went to class today at 12p.m. English class which is from 10-12p.m. is canceled. That was only for those who want to take spaeking test. There was a photography session at 3p.m.. Took a lot of photos.. Well.. not a lot if compared while with my friends. I think below 10 pics. but that is considered as many for me~ Quite happy with that. Just feel Kenneth is annoying..
Feel that today I'm quite being myself.. Yea.. I talked with Kiat, Steve.. Recently begin to talk with Kiat. Steve ar.. At few days before we greeted each other, then today finally I talked with them.. Ha, ha.. But don't know this will maintain or not. Sensed that it won't..
While going to de Econ. extra class at FSER.. I SAW THAT GUY~~ Argh... I just recognized his earing cz hu cut his hair. Fyz knew I'm always looking for him. She was not that sure but recognized with the earing.. Wow... He looked different than de previous times.. Maybe de hairstyle... He was sitting out of FSER.. I was trying to snap his pic.. Got one.. but not that nice.. sigh sigh sigh!! Then saw his friend was talking with himm God.. same hair style~ But he is MUCH handsom!! He looked like.. Erm.. Edison+ Wu Ke Qun.. That Taiwanese..
Oh.. This is de 4th time I saw him.. Ha!
Kinda tired. lept at almost 5 yesterday.. The dawn was falling then I fell asleep. Morning called Ck.. Promised him if I awake at that time, 8:45am, then I'll give him a call. Who knows, I really awaken that time.. So tired..
Perhaps I might sleep early tonight.. I should! ..

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