Friday, September 02, 2005


I'm now in KL, PJ, Millinium Court, Tammy n Cyn's apartment. They are sleeping now. Oh God, what's the time d? They should right? I got here is bcz tmr's HD class has canceled. This is de 1st time I decided something that fast and I did it.. Ha, ha.. went to de sentral then eventually appeared in front of them.. It's kinda excited, kinda happy~.. I was non-stopping smiling when thought of wanna meet up my friends soon...
I am so happy.. This is de face, e smile, de laugh, de cheers that they won't see in Malacca... Taken a lot of photos with'em.. Especially Tamm... Damn lot.. Ha, ha~
I was chatting with Tamm untill almost 5... Erm.. actually we took photo till 3 something... Even de light is switched off.. Oo yea.. ws watching Stairway to Heaven with Cyn just now. Both of us were crying like hell... Nevertheless stupid Tammy was viewing our crying face to Jimmy.. Argh.. Whatever...Ha, ha!! Oo.. she did use my hp recorded our crying face..
sigh~ Cynthia kept scolding n scolding that I just brought 2 Cds.. Ha, ha.. how I know ler.. But I'm also got a bit regret.. I should bring all de Cd here wut... Left only 5 at home.. freak~
Really feel so happt that I met my best friends... Stressed out.. But really hope that I'm not disturbing them.. Sorry for let u guys sleep so late just now... Really sorry 'bout that k..
I think I hafta go on bed d.. kinda late...'s kinda early! damn early! Feel like wanna go to their col. tmr.. hm.. But I think I wont able to do so... can I wake up on time? Hmm.. Me myself don't even know...
Whatever.. Just wanna say, friends, thanks for giving me happiness.. Really thank you so much.. I can see de bright while met up u guys.. Love ya..


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