Saturday, September 03, 2005

Help Uni. Collage~

It's late at night. Tamm and cyn are on their bed now.. Hmm.. Not yet sleep perhaps...~
I went to their col. today. It was de 1st time for me in HELP. Cyn and Tamm woke up late this morning. We took a cab to the col.. I waited them at de waiting area out of their classroom.. and was writing my blog, with a piece of paper..hehe..
Well, my mood is totally, TOTALLY different compared with when I was at Malacca. When I was alone there, my life was like- lonely..solitary even I was with my mmu's friends..
Now? I'm no longer lonely(before I go back to MMU). I got my friends, my truly best friends. They are with me~!! I'm just feel so happy and glad that I got them.. When you're happy you won't think and you will hope to hold this situation as well.. While it's in de end, I mean it's de time, you';; only feel that time asses fast. Now I realize why I'm always feel that my Alpha year in MMU will end very soon cz it's just 1 year. But when I think back, damn it... It's just de 3rd month for me..HA~..whatever lar..
Their friend, Janate- hope I spell it correctly.. She knows Eddie, my classmate. ha, ha.. unexpected~

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