Wednesday, August 31, 2005

where are U?

A lil bit upset.. Feel that my friend is really getting far away from me. No longer a close friend. Is distance de problem? Really have no idea with her stuffs.
But when u think back, once u treat a friend good, in return you shouldn't hope that he/she will treat the same to you, right? You just treat he/she good truly from your heart. Yea, perhaps I might think like that.. He, he.. Really feel better ler..
But sometimes really need someone to be with me.. Be an audience for each other.. Sharing happiness and even sadness together..

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Anonymous said...

dear...realise that this world everyone lives in their own world...i dun mean that ur frens are selfish, but be realistic...maybe in the future ul c...i mean its like..nobody does things for free..hence the saying there aint such thing as a free lunch in this world..