Monday, August 29, 2005


I was glancing my friendster.. Found that Tammy changed her name to Shu Jing and de most interesting is, Shae's photo~
I went through her profile, her photos.. And I found.. his photo.He was smiling, making fool I think.. A smile that out of my expectation... I nearly forgotten that he still can smile like that.. I'm under-estimated him and a lil bit over-estimate myself..Ha, ha.. What a sarcastic smile of his to me...
After seeing that pic, I told myself, I want to live happier than him and I must live happier than him! He's smile really broken my heart. Why I cannot be like that? I want to be happier than him..
Life without me, he's being himself ; Life without him? so what? I'll be myself..

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Anonymous said...

i'm happy to hear urself ya..all d best