Tuesday, August 30, 2005

boring evening...

Tamm n cyn went back to kl d.. time passes really fast.. Thought that 3 weeks is kinda long.. But in de end, they are at KL now..
Before my mid break, I knew that I wont able to go back after my mid break untill my final exam. It's true, got lot of things to do even weekend. I have to endure, keep waiting n waiting.. Sometimes really feel like wanna go home.. Still got something to do. Have to open a new acc in May Bank otherwise my Public Bank's amount keep reducing 1 buck once I take out de money from ATM..shit... 10 times=10 bucks ler... And another one is for my debit card. Stil considering whether I need it or not. sigh~
Not only that, still wanna meet up my friends... Sometimes, when she's in prob and i promised i'll b there then eventually i failed to do that. Feel so sorry to her.. cz i'm not able to go back now.. So sorry for waiting at me..
Dont know whether this coming weekend will go to kl or not. If my "aunty" doesn't visit me or she comes early.. Ha, ha... Then I'll meet them up.. The following weekends couldn't make it d.. Tests, courses, final exam.. All come together.. man..it's killing me...~
Having my dinner while posting up my blog.. Strawberry flavour cereal+biscuits+dried sugared bread.. yummy..but don't know it can fullfil my mouth or not.. have to ler.. orelse i'm gonna be as what chean them called me- dua pui lla.. Alright.. nothing special with my mood today.. Rather it keeps going like that than in a moody situation...

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