Saturday, August 20, 2005


Went to swim with Yvonne n her roommate-ah ma(grandms's "ma").. I dont know y..yvonne used to call her like that. We went there bout 6 soemthing and came back bout 8 something. Had my dinner in a nyonya restaurant. damn.. de food was damn delicious ler.. then.. I spent 7 bucks for my chicken chop... Met Kraft, Sam, Syahiday n Finaz at de swimming pool. They went there bout 8 past 10...
I just came back from burger with Kraft. He sms-ed me bout 11 when I was going down to buy something. Then chilled there for a while with Finaz n one of her classmate(accidently met them there)..
I was so tired man! u know.. after swimming u'll feel damn tired.. Like ur whole body gonna collapse.. Ha, ha..
Just now chat a while with her.. I duno y suddenly I sent her a msg- fren, if u feel like wanna cry, just cry, shout as loud as u can. But remember, you just can cry in front of me..
She get shocked n asking y I knew she wanna cry.. Ha,.. I really dunno.. just my sense and just sent her this msg.. Then I recalled after that.. Mayb that time she was listening to "because of you".. I now.. That time she might be moody.. Haiz..
It's been a long time I din hv a fast ride like Jimmy's.. kraft took me a ride just now.. nah..jst went to patronas for a while.. he was taking his car cz he's going to kl after that. He's car was like Jay chou;s car in Initial-D man! haha.. and de --ermm wat's that huh.. de metes..speed there.. Damn.. was like playing car racing.. Ha, ha.. damn cool..
Hmm... Gonna sleep dee ler... My eyes are killing me~ chaozz...

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