Saturday, August 13, 2005

sUcks tests! sucks accounting!!

Took my accounting test this afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30.. 10 MCQ, 10 "true&false" and 1 structure.. Before that I just did some of de structure excersice. I didn't not study de theory part at all.. When I entered de exam hall.. Began de test... then I found I FORGOTTEN MY LIQUID PAPER!!! Damn... Till now I still couldn't find it.
I couldn't balance de balance sheet lar.. Asked others and I think my details were correct... How come ler..? Whatever~
Jiin was fed up with that cz she spent a lot of time on that and she was like mad kept asking ppl to go to Jusco or Makhota Parade with her. I got a mind that wanna accompany her though i'm broke now.. but really cant cz tmr got test..3 hours ler.. And maybe de feeling that wan me to go with still not so strong.. Hmm..forget bout it lar!
I studied in Sumay's room and i fell asleep there.. Haiz.. groceries gonna out of stock d..Just left cereals... and busicuits..I had some just now.. actually i can finish it in 1 shot but dun lar..have to keeo some for tomorrow ler.. and just now bought a pack of instant noodle.. Took left foods just left these... So pity ler..
Feel like got many things to buy... Find one day when i'm free lar.. now really broke d..
Dunno how to sit for tmr's test... Listening.. writting.. 3 hours man!
~bless me~

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