Friday, August 12, 2005

A better day comes tomorrow~

I don't know which way to write.. Don't even know how to describe my feeling..
That day she sms me. "feeling lose? disconsolate? dun think 'bout de past anymore.. everything now u only can blame is u used de wrong method to love him. Everyone will meets traumas. De point is how do you find another perfect of you? Perhaps ppl may think this thingy that happened on others is just a small matter. Think urself..was is really hurt or u havent get prepared to accept de fact? U just need time. Remember that, learn how to stand up and treat yourself nicely.. Who else has qualificated to make you perfect? only urself..."
I am hurt but i had not yet prepared to accept de fact. This is my previous mind. After de phone with chean. I didn't avoid de facts anymore. I think de cruel with courageous!
At first i dun really understand what she said bout "find de perfect of urself from traumas"..Finally I got what she meant.. Life is still wonderful.. As Tammy told me, my life is still pretty~
I have to tell myself and I did it- He is just a guy who passes by in my life.. I thought of this matter before just I dun wanna let it be. I have to think further.. I still have a long journey to go.. I have to look further.. This is what kevin, shy n tamm used to tell me many times.. But I just realized it when chean told me that.. I was like awake and suddely everything is full of hopes..
before Jimm called me, we chat a while in msn.. Mentioned bout her n her bf. Cz he told me she went to pg with him. I knew that gang doesn't like him. I did mentioned a little bit to tamm that hv to alert for him cz heard from them he's not that good. But I din mention anymore after that. Cz i know whatever my friend's decision, I'll support her. Ystrday he told me that he feels he has purpose or motive to get her. I couldn't gv comment on this or any judgement to this guy.Cz I donno him well.. just know his name..:p. he's afraid that she'll be cheated or what..But i told him.. Just take it easy cz she knows what is she doing right now.. she'll takes care or herself. I don't know y i said that. Mayb i dunno that guy so I din feel anything and maybe bcz she's my best friend..Years dy.. how to say ler?? Erm.. I have a strong feeling that she'll handle it and wont bring herself to de grave.. i know. When u r not supported by ur close friend. It's kinda hurt.. She needs our support and i know..tamm will always by her side.. But.. remember that, I'll always by ur side too. Just go ahead on what do u want or what makes u comfortable and happy. Appreciate what U have now..
No matter what, I'll be with u my friend...

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