Sunday, August 14, 2005

De test is over..

Finally de test is over. However, I don't feel de happiness of de end of de test...
I still have test 2 of maths in 10th of sept. Just came back from my lunch..actually b4 went to lunch i was keying in thru this blog..
So full.. my lunch cost me 2 bucks ler..then I went to mini mart..bought Crispy- 3.40...then de rest paid Ash.. That day borrowed money from her to buy instant money wut...
Jinn them r goin to MP(Makhota Parade), for PC fair.. At 1st i wanna go with them wan.. I wanna buy de printer which has screen wan..cost 500++..(cz CK bought it). Then plan to buy a laptop.. but think deeply in it.. i dun need a laptoip actually...jst for convience.. even my bro doesn't buy one also.. Nah...his notebook is old enough d lar... still dun hv $ de printer...wait for next time lar..
OK.. Later..I'm goin' to wash my clothes..then clean up my room.. my stuffs...Cannot take a rest yet.. I wanna finish my maths exercise..then tmr I can rest for de whole day ler..OO...somomore wanna do facial..slept late recently.. Yesterday I was tossing n turning on my bed.. I went up at 1 s.thing but I felt asleep at 3something ler.. terrible ler...
I was in de bed. Suddenly my phone rang. She was calling me. She woke me up this morning.. Feel so touched..really.. I got de strength u know... It was so unexpected.. Even I was so sleepy but I still have de motive to wake up- do de best for today cz shy woke me up purposely ler.. if is usual..I think my mind will still in de bed and no strength at all... But this morning.. I kept telling myself that I have wake up and dun b so spiritless... Then.. feel everything is vatility~ Thanks to -_- a lot... Dun stressed urself k.. dun care bout what ppl's word burden on u.. everything try ur best..
My friends..All de best @>~~

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