Sunday, August 14, 2005


Feel contented with whatI've done this afternoon.. I've washed my clothes, swept de floor..though my room is damn small but I took 20 minutes to swept de floor ler..n I was sweating that time~( there's a fly vy annoying..not flying here n there..but jumping on de floor from here to there. it's ion my room since Jinn them went out!!) i switched off de floor wut.. I did mop de floor twice..ofcourse de corridor out of my room la.. Then I just wiped de dust on my tired... So? what to do? FACIAL!! I did mask just now..
Just finished my maths exercise. It's about matrics. Monday has maths'll gives us another exercise...therefore I have to done de previous wan.. I've planned since de early time. I must finish all my stuff today.. Then sunday I can rest lor.. Jinn said wanna sleep while on de way back to EP after de test. I would like to sleep also..but dunno since when..mayb since I came here.. ppl bcome more responsible d ler. feel like wanna finish my stuff then I'm not guilty to take my rest lor. So I told her not to sleep..better do her maths 1st.. who knows..she scold me stupid~ Ha, ha.. Whatever~
Now so free ler.. wanna study econ.. cz de toughest chapter(chapter 4) I totally dunno what is it talking about.. and Mdn. Kerk had finished de whole chapter that day!! AHH!! Damn economics! But.. wanna do s.thing 1st...-KEEP FIT~ sit up!! haiz..duno can or i had 2 Crispy already ler.. Ha, ha, ha!

Donno what de hell it talking about!! Wanna write it out also dunno how...haiz~

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