Friday, August 26, 2005

days sucks!

I hate that! These few days my life goes sucks!!! Finally I lost my temper yesterday night..
Later I still have a presentation.. Haiz.. Actually I can done it at 12-1.. Damn de tutorial class changed back to 5-6... ARrrGHH!! Hate that.. Watching Mars right now.. Using jinn's note book.. She went to class d.. Think she'll be back soon lar..
Few days didn't post up my blog d.. Cz I brought my Cpu to reformat, Auyong's friend lai la..25 bucks.. Shy thought I go back to bw d.. Ha, ha.. Went to de e-commerce thingy at city bayview last night..damn tired...
Yea.. damn it.. I left my fail in declassroom during de 1st class of yesterday. de summary that I used to practice my preseatation is inside there.. Ahh.. I was like insane poeple sms-ing my group member- Paye Yie to send de summary to my mail then printed it out.. Haiz.. Rushed all de way.. Finally I got it! Whoa...
Thought that my tutorial is at 12-1 then I wore formal.. ofcourse with high heel.. if i's at 5-6 i wont wear like that.. Who knows... I just got know that when I was in HD class.. And then! My foot is a bit injured now.. So I'm not wearing it later... See!! What a dark "friday"..not dark weekdays!
And I found that de laundry lost 1 of my towel when I wanna get it form them yesterday.. My already bad enough somemore get irritated by my housemate..(guess who).. Just now I went there again.. They still couldn't find it! I really wanna scold them already yesterday and my face really like charcoal d.. Just control control and control.. stay cool..
Oo..just now I drove ler.. embarassing.. It's a manual car.. Syafiq's friend's.. Cz he wanted me to drive him back to BBU to get his laptop.. Walau.. In de campus still can handle..but when at de road side.. Hehe.. Fortunately met his friend and he drove that car..hihi...
Can't post much... still got a lil bit bout my mind.. Will post it later on.. c ya around~

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Anonymous said...

dear dear....nowadays u can reformat pc for 15 bucks. if u know me i can pass it to my fren do it for free...lolx

from kevin