Friday, July 08, 2005

tired but happy~

I love Thursday and Firday's classes.. I got class at 12-12 and 12-1 at Thur and Friday is only from 10-11am.. FREE... Came back from econ. tutorial just now. Had a cup noodle then waiting time to pass cz I have to see Ms Tan at 2. When I went to de Fosee building, she left a msg for me out her office. She asked me leav my contact num and my timetable. I din bring any paper ler.. Then I borrowed from a gal there.. Written down my timetable and contact num. Then I went to de managenent office of ep cz just now they called me while I was not at home. I promised that I'll pass up my photo for them on Mon. Damn.. I always have to borrow de ID card of ep from my housemates or call them using de guard room's phone and ask them open de door for me.. Have to scan to open wut..
Went back from management office.. I began clean up my room. Everything la.. Then I swpet de floor again and again. Before cleaning I washed my clothes which I never wash since I came. After cleaning my room. I washed my socks. There were 3 pairs of socks waiting for me ler..Wow... Tired but happy cz my room looks so clean.. Ha, ha.. Then I did facial mask.. Ha, ha.. Thx ya Jenny.. I'm doing facial recently.. Free wut.. Then.. Shaved my leg's hair.. Ha.. I used more than an hour to clean my room and wash those clothes. Clothes only 3 pieces la actually.. Were T-shirts..
Going back tomorrow.. hUrray!! See ya.. But this time wouldn't meet Tammy.. She's in KL d.. With cyn.. Haiz.. Don't know how r them now..?

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cyn said...

we are fine here. monday will start our class dee.. hope you fine also.. study hard... dun always skip your class... hope everything you done exactly what you want... :)