Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everything's ok.. But..

Slept at 2a.m. yesterday. Woke up on time and.. Went to classes. Putri said I didn't look sleepy or tired today... Ofcourse.. But.. If you want me to sleep I still can.. Ha, ha..
I din take my breakfast this morning.. I don't know why although I was not rushing. Usually I'll boil de water when I'm bathing but today I didn't..
I passed my MC to Ms Tan. Luckily I gave it to her b4 she begins de class cz her plan was going to discuss de quiezes that she given to them yesterday.. So.. Ha, ha.. I can get my quiezes Q tmr after my econ. tutorial..
I went to fosee building there to look for Mdm. Zaynab but she's in de new fosee building.. haiz.. Tushing here and there.. Looked for Mr. Chuan to ensure de vanue but he was absent..
When I went back almost 3 something d.. Had milo+flakes.. Rest a while... Lied on my bed but couldn't sleep..
Time past very fast. It was time for me to go to class d.. Somemore have to go to help those fellows to prepare de ice-breaking stuff.. Damn it..
I went to de vanue at 5:55p.m. and I've waited there till 6:20p.m.. I really wanna scold ppl d.. Then that stupid Benny called me. He said he's at de volley ball court d.. I was very angry d that time and he knew that through de way I talk. Who knows.. That was my fault man.. I went to de wrong vanue.. Ha, ha.. I saw student playing tennis there.. Wish to join them. Some were playing basketball.. And some were archering.. I just helped them to wrrite down something then I left at 7p.m.. I got AGM for Sparc and Archery at de same time. Ofcourse I used this for my excuses but at last I didn't present. Met Sumay them while on de phone with Tammy. I asked Jinn to take away rojak for me cause they were going to pasar malam. While waiting for them I had my oat's drink.. Doing my econ. tutorial.. Not really finish then I took a nap. Jinn woke me up then and I had my rojak.. Ha, ha..
Chatting with Alex just now. Suddenly asked about mum's health and whether she still can handle her financial problem.. I'm worry about her.. Worried bout her everything.. Miss pg's food ler.. I wanna have McD.. mamak's curry and rice.. DJ's roti canai.. Hokkien mee.. Wantan mee.. Koay teow th'ng.. So many.. Ha, ha..
Here also has McD.. But I prefer to take with my own..old.. best friends...

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