Wednesday, July 06, 2005

skipped & missed

I don't wanna wake up.. It was almost 9am..Jinn back from her tutorial class. I skipped my account class which is from 10-12. I SMSed Syafiq and ask him to sign my attandence for me. Then I kept sleeping.. I don't really remember what time I set for my alarm.11:45 or 10:45? Cause I got maths tutorial at 12-1. Damn.. I knew I was late thwn I opened my eyes cz before that I knew de time's gonna up. I looked at my hp.. GOD!~ !12:20p.m. d.. Today might have quizes for us man! I was late.. I went to take a bath... Then prepared everything. Jiin came back that time. I told her that I missed de class and there were quiezes for them this morning. She felt curious and thought that I was in problem when she knew that my class is at 2-4 and I had get ready at 12:45.. No actually.. I just thought if I'm still eraly I can find Putri them in de food court cz in my note I suppose have lunch in campus today.. But at last I decided to take my own meal- Oats.... Saved money wut..
Just now after Econ., we went to get out insurence card. It's FOC for medical.. I went to de clinic next to get a MC so that I can take my quizes test. I used Syafiq's gastric pill and told de doc. that I got gastric so coundn't attend de class.. Ha, ha... But... Something frightened me... Gastrict can cause cancer. I knew it but I don't know it'll cause easily. People who gets gastric should away from coffee; I love coffee. People who gets gastric should away from spicy and sour; Spicy and sour are my favourite. Besides, they have to away from lots of oranges cz Vit. C.. I eat Vit. C pill.. Haiz.... Gastric will cause de stomach bleeding.. then it'll affect de ulcer.. Then-- CANCER... Damn horrible.. De doc. checked my body.. He said there were lots of gas.. I was empty stomach wut.. Just had oat only... Thx to Syafiq for accompanied me to de clinic.. I went to de Fosee building alone then to give de MC for Ms. Tan. She was not in.. Hm.. Think I have to pass her tomorrow..
Just ow there were a few Mongolian inside de clinic.. Appearence is not bad.. But they are rough cz Syafiq told me they fought with Malay n Indian that day when they were drunk... Haiz...
Taken milo+fitness flakes..

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