Tuesday, July 05, 2005


It was about 8p.m., I stopped de drama at de 26th episod. I was doing my accounting.. My eyes were so heavy.. I turned to my bed and.."pomp".. I fell asleep in less than 10 seconds.. Noises woke me up. Sumay was in my room with Jinn. It was about 11 something.. My books were everywhere.. Really had no idea with these books.. I didn't want to wake up at first but felt guilty while I saw my account's exercise then I continued my homeworks.. Slept late recently and woke up early in de morning.. Though it's 8 something or 9, very early for me dy ler.. My body couldn't afford anymore so finally I COLLAPSED... Hmm.. Done my account at 12 something.. Ha, ha.. Glad ler.. Everytime I do account I will not balance it at de last and important part.. This time.. hehe.. Even I couldn't find de balance but at last I found my mistake.. Only 1 mistake o.. So..I CAN BALANCED MY ACCOUNT!! HA, HA!!
Thought that I'll sleep early tonight.. I think I get insomnia.. Look at de time now.. Damn.. Lied on my bed.. Then I woke up again.. I keep repeating this action de whole night. Nothing to do with it.. No one is online now.. Only Eng Hooi.. He's playing game if I'm not mistaken..
Well today I did a very disgraceful thing.. I slept at de 1st class(Business Maths).. No.. Just take a nap. I placed my files on my leg.. Suddenly.. They dropped to de floor.. And.. silence revolved. Fortunately it just maintained a few seconds. I really like to find a hole and jump into it.. NEVER come out anymore!! Damn it.. Ha, ha..
Haiz.. When will I recover from insomnia? Really got nothing to do.. Jinn sleeps like a pig behind me.. Ha, ha..
Oo.. I tried to call Tammy when I woke up just now but failed. Then I called Cyn. They were at ShuMei's house.. Hmm.. So good.. I'm damn bored here man.. Wish to see my frens..

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