Monday, July 04, 2005


Woke up at 4 something or 5p.m. today.. I slept at 3 something wut... Taken milo+Fitness Flakes and then boiled water+Jacobs biscuits... Wierd ler? I'm a freak cz always have biscuits with water.. Really not bad... Hehe...
That day went to Jusco with them wut.. Bought a few things.. My budget is less than 100 bucks so I just withdrew 100 but I got 120 bucks.. Evuntually I spent 100++ but less than 120 buxks lar.. I tried to control myself.. While in Popular I overspent.. bout 1++ bucks lar.. (51++).. I put many things in my trolley...All were around 50 something but I don't wanna overbudget so at last my groceries just cost me 30 soemthing.. Haiz...I'm so hungry now.. Just drink water.. I wanna diet!!
Have to finish my essay leh... The due date is tomorrow.. Damn..

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