Sunday, July 03, 2005

My journey...~

Firstly, I would like to apologize to this blog and those who is reading my blog always. I slept at 5a.m. this morning and woke up at 6a.m. cause I have to collect my ticket by 2p.m.. Leave it first.. I didn't post up ant blog cause I was busy with de TVB drama, Hidden Treasure. Actors- Bobby Au Yong, Choy Zi Kin etc. Actress- Sonija Kwok, Yong See Kei etc.. I watched 13 episods since yesterday night till 5a.m.. So I don't have time to post up my blog.. He, he...
I reserved a ticket at Thursday night. I made a survey of Air Asia and Mas.. And my last decision was MAS. As Cyn told Tamm, we need to have de sence of crisis.. But sometime really don't know what is dangerous man.. Just do what we want to.. Ha, ha...
Thought I have to get de bus to Seremban at 8:30a.m.. I woke up at 6a.m., taken my bath. Everything is settled and I went to campus to withdraw money. God.. When I went out I didn't see any taxi and wanna call AhGal cause he got de taxi driver's number. Eventually I got a taxi since not long ago I waited outside E.P. there. I get de earliest ticket to Seremban. Damn.. It was 9:30a.m.! I was like an idiot strolling at de central! Bought bread and a cup of iced lemon tea, sitting down de slide and listening to my mp3.. Bored.. Sms with Tamm for a while..
I arrived at Seremban at about 10:30a.m.++ then I walked toKTM to ge LRT that can bring me to Nilai. Bought ticket then I don't know what was de matter and LRT took a long moment to depart..
Took a bus to KLIA while at Nilai. It takes 45 minutes to arrive my destination..
I was so happy when I arrived at de airport.. I don't know why.. Ha, ha..
While waiting for my turn.. I plugged de earphone and listned to my songs again.. I hang it on my neck la actually just when wanna ask ppl something then I unplugged de earphone.. Got my ticket!! Yeah.. So happy.. Then I went to Delifrance for my lunch... Had a kind of butter bread with chicken mayonnaise and a piece of Mixed fruit tart!! Taking out my notebook, wrote down what I've spent before that...Haiya.. Can say that I took it out when I sat down at a place or have a rest and then began recording my what I've spent lar.. Left KLIA about 2p.m.. Then follow de opposite way that how I went to KLIA, I arrived Malacca.. I didn't take a taxi from de central cause it's very expensive. I took a bus.. Yeah.. Arrived here bout 6 something or 7p.m.. It sound like a very long and tiring isn't it? Actually it only bout 3 hours ++ from here to KLIA..
While I was at Seremban I got my roommate's msg.. Asking my situation... I got Sumay's also..
Once I came back.. Taken my bath then.. Drama time! Ha, ha.. But from just now till 12 something I just finished de 19th episod.. Still has 11 episods to go...
Got something to say.. But I don't care cause this is my diary.. I just written down what I've thought.. What I've done and... my everything... I'm very curious.. Cyn didn't reply my massages(MSN) these few days.. I don't know why.. Tamm is in Kl now.. She left from home dy... Cyn will go there tomorrow morning according to Tamm..
AhHa!! Got something to say.. Feel like we've back to form 3/form 4.. Last time we used to take buses to everywhere.. We just took cars when f5.. Seems like de time goes back.. Now have to take other transportation but not CARS(besides taxi) to de place we want to go.. Or even walk.. Ha, ha..
When I was at Seremban's station(on de way back) I bought a pack of pineapple slice.. Walked along de street.. Enjoyin' my pineapples.. I enjoyed that.. No need to care about other's.. Cause no one knows me wut.. He, he.. So sleepy leh...
I don't know why.. Feel contented even I'm damn tired rushing from stand to stand.. I just went alone although I never been there or being like this before.. I've been to Nilai for once with Grace.. I can recognize de LRT station of Nilai.. Ha, ha..
Haiz.. Still have something to say.. but-- Forgotten dy..
See ya!

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