Monday, July 25, 2005


I went down to EP there with Ash and Jinn. I think I never had such cheap economic rice before. I only spent RM1.80 for my lunch. Not take away but I had there. This coffee shop, de drink is F.O.C.( chinese tea and mineral water, iced or without ice).. And my rice was only RM1.80..RM1.80 man! freak CHEAP! At first, I poured some curry soup on my rice.. Then I took a fish chip and vegetables. I saw some meat ball, felt like to take it but I'm afraid it'll cost me 3 something and I only brought 3 bucks.. When I wanna pay for it, my eyes just *ping*..RM1.80 only... And I can have free drinks.. Ha, ha..
Continue with my studies then.. I studied in de living room at about 4 or 5 something.. Dont really remember it.. Cz Jinn was sleepping, she's sick.. My eyes were damn heavy then I manage to take a nap.. just on de table.. I heard some1 talking.. Su Ee I think.. She didn't want to listen to her call.. I dunno what happened yet that time.. THen de phone rang again.. I woke up and when I wanna pick it up, Thing stopped me. She said Su Ee doesn't want to listen to Kal Mynn's call.. Weird.. Something is happen to them, I guess.. Whatever.. That's non of my business and I've no interested in it.. I jst feel that's vy childish for Su Ee to do that.
Later on, Jinn came back from Su Ee's room. I know she and Thing knew about it. But I didn't ask much. She told me Su Ee and Kal Mynn got arguement. And when I heard de reason.. I was like "fuck her off"!! What de hell.. The reason was- They didn't ask Su Ee to come along when they went to Jusco..??? STUPID!
Jinn said she'll feels bad when her friends treat her like this but wont angry for a long moment. Ya, I know, if it's me sure I'll not feeling good but at least you won't be like HER.. and maybe u'll jst kiddin with ur fren that y not ask you out.. after that you'll feel nothing.. That's all.. But..why?
I think that's a bit over u know.. And de reason that Kal Mynn gave to Su Ee was- They took Saga and it only can get 5 person.. Fine, if it;s you sure u got nothing to say even you are not satisfied with de answer.. but Su Ee says.. Still can get 1 more person inside...Damn her..Oh my God! That's funny isn't it?
Jinn said, Su Ee is de one who get loss in this case. She shouldn't be so angry.. that's over..God! And the funniest thing was, they treated her like this b4.. I really got nothing to say. "Then she shouldn't get angry!", I said to Jinn.. Whatever I just feel that she's so funny.. Wont she feels embarrasing when next time she goes out with them? She didn't want to listen her callS at all you knoe..
Next, Kal Mynn and Li Peng came to find her while Kai phoned to find Su Ee. I was like shocked.. Her friends who didn't do anything wrong came to find her and tried to explain to her.. what else she wants?? I went back to my room and closed de door. I jst know they were knocking on de door. Jinn came in. She said at 1st she knocked de door and when Su Ee saw them, SHE CLOSED de DOOR...? FREAKKK!!!
Then her friends kept knocking like hell..Eventually she open de door but jst talked a while then they left..
I was in de living room with Yvonne while waiting for Jinn's dinner. He, he.. Yvonne put some nail polish on my finger nails ler.. It's baby pink..hihi...Oo.. Then Yvonne asked bout Su Ee.. She thought she got aurguement with her bf. SEE!! So "sia sui" lar..everyone was lying to her fren onde phone that she was sleeping, went out or bathing.. And everyone knows she got prob. with her fren.. sampat wan!! So glad my friends are so matured.. At least we wont kira this kind of things lar.. Really.. When I heard that.. I was jst like.. I'm so glad that I've my gang...
Then when Yvonne knows de stupid reason that made her angry.. She was just like ''' on her head... besides childish.. she didn't know what to say... Then her fren called her again..This time she talked to them dy.. But de way she talks.. really feel that she vy "tua cheng"+"toh kong"... Somemore got her things.. explore next time( it's bout de hygiene in my house, that person who always doesn't flush after using de toilet!!)
I've been waiting for Jinn's dinner since 8 and I got it on 10:15.. She went back on 8:45 and Yvonne and I thought our dinner back.. But.. Jinn was only came back from Ash's room.. Then only she went there...
Hang out with Jinn and AhSan about 1 something.. SuMay went back on Friday and will be back on Wed cz she got piano examination. Came back on 3 something then had supper.. Thing went to cooking class.. she brought us supper ler.. Yummy.. nice... really not bad... And I'm damn full right now while Jinn sleeps like a pig d.. She jst had a nap and woke up at 7p.m. you know.. But she's sick lar...
Really wanna sleep d cz got class tmr..okidoki..night night~

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