Saturday, July 23, 2005


Taken my HD test yesterday.. I didn't tie up my hair yesterday ler.. That was de 1st time I let down it in MMU.. I think it looks worst if I don't wear a sweater.. Ha, ha...
Slept late yeaterday, bout 3a.m.. Went to Sparc meeting after test.. All was Syafiq's fault.. He said just for a while but that meeting took an hour... Hmm.. Looks a bit standard ler.. At least better than other club's meeting.. Not strict but jst... "Tariq" was there.. He is from Maritaus.. Every girl admires him.. I didn't hv a good impression on him at first cz he made me feel that he's de handsom guy...eWww... But yesterday.. he looks smart.. There are not much chinese in de club.. Hindustan, Indian, n international student...
Oo.. I missed de class again.. It's HD class. I woke up at 8 something but when I open my eyes again, it was 10 something d... Jinn didn't go to class also.. Haiz.. I went to HD discussion at 1something although they asked me to go at 12.. Ha, ha..
I had my lunch-fried rice-- Free of Charge~ Jinn asked me to chare with her cz she is full.. She had chicken rive b4 that then she couldn't finish de fried rice.. Yvonne shared with us also.. Still not full ler..
"Shella~~", Yvonne shouted at me.. SUmay gave her de fried rice.. Ha, ha.. I think she couldn't finish it cz spicy and she jst took a few bites.. We eat again..~
Did my business math ler.. Whole chapter.. But those Q that couldn't solve havent think yet lar.. jst leave..I have to finish it cause I got test on tue.. I'll bz with my econ then..So I have to done all de maths then I won't rush like a mad person.. Hihi.. I have to do de assignment.. then...wash my clothes.. I wanna go to buy de softboard so I can put my notes there but I just left 2 bucks ler..
Wondering wanna take dinner or not.. miss nasi lemak ler...
Noow.. I'm gonna wash my clothes.. 2 bucks.. HOW TO SURVIVE WITH 2BUCKS FOR A WEEK?????

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