Tuesday, July 26, 2005

abnormal appetite...

Jinn woke me up. It was about 9:30 in de morning. Taken my bath then I went to classes as usual. I didn't take my breakfast nor lunch. While on the way to ARC for english class, we passed by CLC there.. OMG... There got a lots of stalls... Waffle.. Earing..Accesories.. and there is Giordano stock clearence... rm15..rm35..rm39...rm40...I was like "bengang" at there.. I saw a stall that ppl makes things using de steel string.. That last time I bought one to Tammy which is her name as a book mark from Singapore.. But this is very cheap.. Minimum price is rm5, but if u made more than 5 alphabates, it'll charge u 1 alphabates 1 bucks..
I went to withdrar after english's class cz I wanna buy maths text book.. Finally I bought it.. Then I got left some money wut.. So.. Just reserved de steel string wan.. I reserved 2 key chains..made one for gee. It cost rm11 cz my name 6 alphabates wut.. But I asked for 10 bucks.. YEAH>> succeed..
I bought a waffle there.. ya..jst had waffle..stupid..it cost me 1.80.. I thought it was 1 buck..damn cheap then I order 1..who knows..damn..
After came back.. I finished my maths.. Then napping on de table in my living room.. Stupid Alex called me... He asked what is Mr. Sara's name. I said we called him Sara but his real name is Sarvana.. Then he said:'' ya la.. jst now was him.. de accident on de bridge".. I terus awoke lar.. I was suspecting him... Then he said that was true.. I asked him then how is he? "Bo liao...", he replied. "What bo liao?", then i asked.." bo liao lar!", again he answered me.. Damn.. I asked him not to kiddin or later i spread de wrong news to my frends.. "Hahahaha..", he laughed... Damn him.. He wanted to ask for Anna wan lar..
Taken my bath then I went down to buy my dinner. Thing asked me to da bao fried koay yeow and mee for her.. While waiting for her meal I order my nasi lemak which cost 1:50.. But after my nasi lemak done, de noodle had not done yet.. Then de longer she fried I feel like wanna taste ler.. "aunty..1 more char koay teow pls..", I said to de aunty..hihi... damn...my char koay teow and nasi lemak is enough for 3 ppl to share u know.. Really.. de char koay teow is damn big lar compared with pg wan but pg wan nicer.. If you pick some of my nasi lemak to de char koay teow, then de char koay can fulfill 2 person..seriously... So ..damn full now..
I wanna do my revision d..tmr is my econ's test and that stupid accounting quiz...see ya!

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