Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wish to take a nap, but...

I gave Putri a call and told her that I might not going to de Accounting class cause I was not feeling well.. Hmm.. I lied...
Felt guilty if not giong to de class.. I'm so proud of myself that I didn't absent for any classes today although I got de mind after my accounting class- I wanna skip Math tutorial class! Ha, ha..
My Accounting class is from 10-12. I've done de question at 11:00a.m. then I began to sleep. At first I just closed my eyes.. At last... I bended my body on de table.. Really like a pig.. I slept untill the class end u know.. It was about 11:45a.m.. I think my lecturer didn't discuss anything already besides doing de question.. He was so annoying!!
The worst thing was.. I sit at de first row..
I kept my books.. Then Shafiq and Eddie laughed at me.. "Hey Shella.. U wake up already huh?", I laughed.. Then we went to tutorial class. Eddie was not joining us because he's from group 6.
Taken my lunch with Putri, Shafiq, Fiz and Juliana at de Plaza Siswa there.. I had Nasi Pattaya and iced lemonade. Shafiq's friend was with us.. So bad.. Was that LYY guy.. Yark! We never talk with each other! Juliana and Fiz feel that he's quite cute.. "Hmm.. I don't think so..", I told them..
I snoozed in de Economic class. Just in de 2nd period la.. Eddie laughed at me again.. He said I'm a "kaki tidur".. Ha, ha..
That guy which I told Tamm his mouth a bit like Vic.. Nah.. Not at all while look clearly.. He sat beside me just now.. And.. He's quite annoying.. Whatever...
Came back at 4p.m.. I wanna take a nap cause really damn tired.. But I found that my Pc shuted down.. I sms Jinn and asked her.. She said there was no electricity just now..So..
I kept on connecting.. Shut down and switched in on again.. Finally.. I win! Ha, ha..
I couldn't sleep although I was tired and wish to get a nice, sweet nap.. This Pc always attracting me.. Online!! haiz... Have to control myself for not spending all de time to online.. Can I do that? ...I'm not sure man... ;)
Tammy told me that today is Shae's birthday.. So sad I counldn't greet her.. I'm so far away from her.. But.. Happy birthday to her.. to this cute little baby.. Hope she'll get healthy and prettier.. Lucks come to her.. Happy Birthday~~
Have to prepare for de stupid H2o meeting! I wanna quit!!!

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