Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I wanna have a good sleep~

It was about 2a.m.. Alfred was still on de line. He told me that he was doing his homework.. Complaint that he has lots of homework.. He reminded me that I haven't finish my work yet. I took out my Account.. and began my studies.. I done my works about 3a.m.. Damn tired dy.. I didi it in my room. It can let me concentrate than doing at de living room. I had not sleep when I went on bed.. Thinking something.. Felt hard to breath.. I stopped thinking and fell asleep.
Forced myself to wake up just now. After bathing.. I looked at de mirror.. GOD!! my panda eyes so serious man.. Really very serious.. Like put something black colour there... I wanna take a nap cause it was just about 9:18a.m.. But wish to finish this post..
See ya later~

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