Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What should I do...Vol. ll

Forgotten to mention something...
I suppose have to edit my previos but I'm lazy to wait for it la.. Damn slow~
Tamm told me that he asked about me that day when he went to take de assignment from her.. He said he knew that I came back that day. I remembered that. The 2nd time I back to Butterworth I went Bola-bola to find Zuyi. Just asked him to send some songs to me via bluetooth. Before that I was around Taman Bagan there.. Wished to find Zuyi or Ckheng wan.. Then I did what I always do then I go to Taman Bagan... Drive around some certain areas.. Ha, ha... His car was not at home..
I called Zuyi.. He told me that he was at Bola-bola with CK them. I guessed he will be there also. I told Zuyi I wanna find him now although he told me that he'll play football after 15 minutes later (8:30p.m., that day I went back from Pg with Tamm). he thought I got some urgent stuff to find him.. But he nearly fainted when he knew I just want some ringing tones.. Ha, ha..
Once I entered the snooker centre there I saw Ming Yan and another guy( his brother). Then Ck smile so cunning while he saw me.. Then I saw him.. But we never talk cause he was at another table with Jia Wei(ex- CLB student). He didn't wear cap already..
Too far.. Out of topic...
Hmm... When I got know he mentioned about me.. I started nervous.. He said he should give me a call cause he know I was back that day. He said we're still good friends so he have to concern me.. But he didn't.. When I heard that I nearly get MAD!!! I scratched my hair.. I nearly wanna throw all the things you know.. I don't know why.. That's why I said when I'm alone I'm abnormal..
Really don't understand what he is thinking... I'm getting mad!! This guy makes me mad!!!

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