Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What should I do?

Got de comment from Tamm.. Thanks a lot.. I don't know why... I believe our friendship will till last forever.. Hope that will be Eternity~!
While reading her comment.. The music of Bright Day played.. It was like reminding me that I should have a bright day.. I love this song very much.. I wanna send to Tamm but my MSN is in troble again...
I'm wondering.. Am I gonna prepare for my bright day?
Jia Ling sent me a sentence just now. It was about like that: "It doesn't matter if he occupies in your heart or mind.. But have to leave at least a place for your own. If not you'll lose de only pride of yours.."
I understand... I'm afraid I'll lose de only pride.. I wonder that should I face it bravely? Is that everything will be solved after facing? I don't think so.. I've been preparing to face the problem that I had.. Maybe face it by thinking those things that I'm afraid of.. But I don't think I'll release...I'm not letting...
Cause just now I looked at my phone display.. I saw that sentence again.. I realized that even I face the problem I may difficult to let down..Cause I'm not going to erase this sentence so far by now... Or maybe I haven't try yet.. Who knows?

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