Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Went to library.. Damn her mother f*cker! I was de earliest! All were late.. My Human Development assighment lar.. And my group members.. I don't know them also.. Freak!
I went to de h2o meeting just now.. Have to get de form of venue booking..
I get on MSN in de library.. Don't know which fellow download MSN in de Pc.. Ha, ha.. Then I used it.. Chat with shy.. Cause before that played SMS with her.. She reminds me many things.. She's getting matured than before.. Really...
Met Putri out of de library just now.. OMG.. She loves cat.. I hate cat!
SHe's going to study.. Maths and Economics.. Cause de lecturers will give us quize question just haven't sure de date.. Be prepared ma..
I have to do my econ. revision... But..I placed my book infront of me.. Then I typing for de blog..~~

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