Thursday, June 30, 2005

That's cool huh...

Today's English class was in the computer lab. I don't remember what's the real name.. But I used to call it "comp. lab" ha, ha...
Man that lab is COOL~!! There PCs are all separated into groups.. Like a round group.. The lecturer did not use whiteboard.. But de whiteboard he used was like a big LCD screen. He can control the mouse through de pc on de desk or can use his finger touches de screen.. To move something else like we use de mouse.. Ha,! And what he has done will be followed by de pc we using.. He used something like marker pen, but without ink wan.. write on de screen then appeared his writting.. And also appeared in our pc...Cool man!
"What is listening and hearing? ", and we've to discuss.. I performed for my group le.. Using de headset with mic.. So that everyone can hear.. So sad.. We just can go there every 3rd, 7th and 11th week..
Math's class dismissed half an hour earlier than usual.. Went for lunch with Shafiq, Putri, Fiz and Juliana.. Had nasi goreng chili padi.. Sounds nice huh? Not bad lar.. Accepted..
Then I went to Student affairs & sports devision to book the venue.. Damn it.. Have to ask a person called Mr. Chua whether they wanna ude de volley call court for practice or not.. While waiting him untill 3p.m... I came back and online a while.. Today is de 1st time i shut down my Pc cz raining this morning.. I shut down b4 just bcz de connection problem.. Rather chut down to avoid thunder!
I think I have to go now lar.. See ya later..

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