Tuesday, September 08, 2009

grass by the wall.

I don't like him.
I think he's.. sorta fake.

(1) He asked me to update him a list of projects. Where do I get info? Ofcourse from the marketing department. I don't mind doing compilation. The head of marketing department, is Ursula. Ah she's quite nice that day, update me the list by her own as i requested ON BEHALF of another. Then, the fella didn't like it, the format was so messy I understood. and he asked me to TELL Ursula to come out with a tidier format. WTF? You don't have intercom is it?! Why do I have to pass your words??!? Waste of time. He's a coward.

(2)Ok. Then the head got cc-ed when ursula emailed me the list. so he asked what is my purpose and another question. I told him I did it on behalf of someone else lar. Then this head also one kind,
'you have not answer my question. (then he repeated 2nd question)'

I was like, wtf...??
'not yet. and im still updating the list.'

pissed off.
The main point is, this head is the direct head of that fella. Then I told that fella about his boss sending this mail to me. Now he spoke differently, saying 'ahh this have to be updated every month wan mar..' different with the first time when he told me someone needs this list. I assumed his boss need that. Was I wrong?
Niama, dong ngo Lulu ah?!

(3)This morning my boss sent out an email, to both of us. Same sort of things need to be updated but just different type. And that fella came to me, he said he'll do it, and not to forget to remind me to update the list that he asked me to. He offered himself to do that, I reckon it must be easy to be done. I was right. He already done it.

He's a coward.
(1)When in the meeting, he didnt have comment. I never knew he wasn't ok with it until my boss went out. 'bla bla bla bla bla.. full of disatisfaction.
(2)When I passed Ursula's list to him, he said that's rubbish to him. NAH. never seen him speak a word in front of Ursula.
(3)The easy job that he's done. My boss thought I would be doing it. He asked me in, and asked me when can I submit him. I told him lar, that fella said he's gonna do that. After that, I came out from the room, I asked that fella whether he's done. He said:
'why? done already ah. what? he mention in the mail mar, have to done by tmr. aiya no need care bout him wan lar'


Now I feel disgusted when I hear he's laughing. Or talking.

p/s: HA! another funny thing. Another fella,
'shella are you convenient now? can you get me 'myboss's name' car key? I need to move the car cause it blocked the container.'

'Har?I don't have his car key wor..'

'Oh.. no no, can you go and take from him?'


'har?? he's there only wor u go and get lar....'

'oh.. nvm la nvm la...'

Eventually I called my boss, then I asked the person to get from my boss. By that time his expression made me feel that he still expect me to get for him.

WTF is wrong with this company???


刘昱品-lauyupin said...

maybe he only got a pair of mimi lampa, dont blame him la...hahaha!

Ian said...

Shella, this is the world, but I noe, you will do it!! Just remember do ur best in ur own path way, do not interrupt their so called POLITICS... Best of luck ya!!

epin said...

yamkong lorrr... lulu shella "bei yan put on the table" lorrrr... haizzzz

shella said...

[xp] i don't know man.. i don't see it. and i don't wanna see. hahahahaha.

[ian]hi, thanks =)i guess u're a friend of mine. but i couldnt access to ur profile. hehe so.. i duno which friend of mine are u.. anyway, thanks ya!

[epin] lol. yam gong. almost put me on the table. but i managed to escape! buuahahaha

epin said...

is ian or lan? if is ian then it is our beloved kar hoong....