Wednesday, September 09, 2009


A date that meant to be remember.
Many believe that the date is an auspicious sign.
As you can check out how many couples are engaging.
I heard the FM saying there're around 200 couples going to engage in this morning itself.

Your friend me,
Stucked in the staircase corridor this morning.
The door was locked outside.
You did not see wrongly.


I was in the basement,
walking towards a door which I thought it'd lead me to the lift,
and get me to the office.
I went in.

'Oh, not this one.'

I spoke to myself whilst turning back to open the door.
It's locked.

I walked up to Ground floor. Same thing happened.
Then I saw there's this door handle was broken by someone.
I bet it'd probably by someone who stucked in there like me.
While trying to turn the handle,
I cut my finger cause the round part of the handle was already gone,
it's kinda sharp.

Then I made a few call, nobody's in the office yet. (I arrived there at 8am.)
While waiting for someone to rescue me, ahhh.. I tried.
Wrapped tissue paper on the handle and tried to twirl the handle.

I become my own heroine!

So tell me, how can it not be a good day?

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